Cool Tattoo Ideas for Women

Tattoos have been around for centuries and a form of body modification or another has been evident in cultures around the world especially about cool tattoo ideas for women. Mark your body has become increasingly acceptable in the past three decades and has been accepted as a form of expression for women. Many women enjoy the “ink”, but want to stay feminine or moderated by personal or professional reasons. Small tattoos allow women to express themselves, while having the option to hide or camouflage the tattoo if necessary. Although a detailed design requires a large tattoo, some designs are perfect for a small tattoo.
There are many ideas to choose which tattoo you like; such as:


Perfect for someone who is tattooed for the first time, a small butterfly tattoo can add a touch of color to any part of the body and gives the rookies a taste of what the tattooing process. Although a butterfly tattoo is not unique, you can personalize it with creative colors. Also, encourage your artist to add their own touch to the picture and that stylize a bit more. Incorporate your initials to the wings of the butterfly to make it more personalized.


Fairy tattoos can be very detailed when large, but a small tattoo of a fairy is attractive when placed on the shoulder or neck. Search fairy in different artistic sources to get a tattoo that you will always love. Sweet and colorful, a little fairy tattoo is a fantasy that can illustrate your fantastic nature. This tattoo is very cool tattoo ideas for women


The dragonfly is a delicate tattoo features beautiful colors with a delicate design. Perfect when placed on the wrist, foot or back, dragonfly picture evokes a sweet and feminine nature. Be sure to choose green and blue colors to get the best results with your dragonfly.


Tattoos of flowers can be cool tattoo ideas for women and may be made in almost any size, and a small, simple flower is a good tattoo for a woman. A daisy, a rose, a sunflower or lotus flower can be made in the arm, back, neck or ankle and can be enlarged after adding buttons, stems and leaves. Many flowers have specific meanings or can symbolize a special person in your life, so you have a sentimental value as well.

Asian or Egyptian Tattoos

Asian or Egyptian symbols tattoos can be good in gray or black, when placed in the back of the neck or shoulder or ankle, and can have a high impact in a small space. Asian tattoos symbols or Chinese characters take up little space and can express very important issues such as courage, love, faith and peace, while the Egyptian symbols can represent things like eternal life, fertility and sun worship. You can add additional symbols below to create a timeline of events can be incorporated into a larger, colorful design. This is also very cool tattoo ideas for women
Cool Dog Tattoo Design Ideas

The dog is a very loyal pet is really much favored by the majority of people in this world. In addition to the animals that help the police, as well as pet dogs at home are very obedient to their master. Many people wear a tattoo of a dog because of the excess of his dog unfortunately. Let’s discuss more about dog tattoo design that lately many who like it. The first issue of ink is which we will use.
We can use the colors to blend ore results pretty so it’s not just black or brown color only. We can add a green floral decoration even around this dog and it was the one that made the dogs tattooed more look attractive and are more suitable for women. For this dog tattoo designs you can also use temporary tattoos so if you are not satisfied with the design, you can easily remove them without cost more anyway.
However, if you choose a permanent design then you should be careful in choosing a professional tattoo artist so that it will not make you disappointed with results that have been depicted. It is because if the design does not correspond to what you mean then you will be difficult to remove it. It’s also important for you to choose the beautiful designs by accessing our gallery as well as our articles as your consideration before asking a tattoo artist known for his painting. That way you will have a dog tattoo design that looks beautiful and cool.