Wild White Tiger Tattoo

While wild animal usually correlated with man, women can actually use this for their tattoo also. Wild animal like tiger or lion usually show manliness and masculinity that of course remind you of men. But actually, when put on woman’s skin, the animal can symbolizes strength.

White Tiger Tattoo Meanings

Existing wild animal can define you as strong and determined. It will show that you are as fierce as the animal drawn on your skin. As you might already know, tiger and lion represent strength and at the same time, elegance. White tiger tattoos is the type of tattoos that will suit females perfectly. If you’re the type of woman who hates to be chained down and you think you are independent and can live by your own without depending on any other people, white tiger tattoo is perfect for you.

Magical Creatures

While real animal is people’s favorite, magical creatures also one of many choice people chose. For people in Asian countries, dragon is the most famous image they will imprint on their skin. Even Yakuza (famous gang from Japan) has dragon on their back as a symbol of them being a part of yakuza and their gang is the strongest.