Elegant Bible Verse Tattoos Design

We know that we like reminder of what should we do and what we should remember in life. From time to time, we need to be reminded what is our purpose in life. As when we’re facing downfall in life, we also need encouragement. All these proved by how many quotes account being followed by twitter and instagram.

Tattoo as reminder yourself

Some people like to write down the quotes and put it on their wall so they can remember what they want to remind themselves. Some quotes can be used to remind them for occasional time, while some others can be used for daily reminder. Instead of waiting for the quotes account to remind you of how you should act towards life, why don’t you remind yourself?

Not Just a Tattoo

If you want to imprint tattoo to your skin, why not as well make it as your reminder? Bible verse tattoos is one of the most popular choice for tattoos. There are many kinds of verse in bible that you can choose to use it for tattoo. From encouragement verse, life verse, humble verse, life in Christ verse, hope verse, forgiveness verse to how to deal with hardship verse. The tattoo will always remind you and people around you what you want to say to yourself and them.